Thursday, September 29, 2011

Online Support For Personal Computer

Technicians from online pc support are experts in their profession and do more than just fixing the problem. They build a great rapport that helps them relate and fix the problem according to the User's Emergency. As mentioned earlier, apart from just fixing the actual problem they also give them more information about the technology, i.e., updates and tips for the user to avoid similar problems in future.

Another key reason for the popularity is the advancing technology that is introducing new problems and complexities in terms of usage. Online PC support also comforts the users with doorstep support. The Online PC support technicians have a tool for remote desktop; popularly know as Remote support, it makes it easier for them to have a look at the PC's condition. Online PC support is of three different types:

Telephonic support: Telephoning the PC support technician for help.

Chat Support: Chatting with the Online PC support technician for help.

Email support: Emailing the Online PC support Technician for help.

It's always advisable to take suggestions from the online pc support technicians before going in for the purchase of a new hardware. Any information with reference to hardware sales and new technology will be effectively provided by the online pc support technicians. Hardware sales are not as easy as it was before. There are a lot of new technologies that get introduced everyday. Due to which, everyone is confused about the hardware purchase. Hardware sales are of various types some common are:

Hardware Sales through Auction: Bidding online or on phone or at an auction center.

Hardware sales through Internet: Purchasing the hardware online from retailer or company website and even bidding for the hardware online through websites like eBay, Amazon and more. And even placing order through mail for the hardware.

Hardware Sales from Local Retailers: Waking to the nearest or most famous Retailer for the purchase of hardware.

Over all Computer Support and other related services are of high importance today. As Hardware sales have increased significantly, the usage of the hardware is also gaining variety and ubiquity. As a result, computer support is gaining its share of importance from the popularity, and so has increased the role of online computer support.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

MSN Tech Support - How Can You Get Support From MSN?

There has definitely been a lot of dissatisfaction extended to Microsoft's web portal MSN. The bone of contention is on reaching the portal's technician's to extend technical support to its users. However, it is possible to get MSN tech support online.

The MSN tech support site lists a number of possible problems and explains how to fix or try to fix them. However all the help topics require a user to provide their MSN account details and subsequent communication is through email. However, you can optimize your MSN use by learning how to use its functions.

Operating on MSN means that you probably have a Windows live, also known as Hotmail, email account. The account enables you to chat with the people on your contact list using the MSN messenger. Now there are times you might want to share a funny picture, video or other media with the person you are chatting with. The process starts with Double clicking on the contact you want to share the file with. You have to be signed in to do this. Above the chat box, there is a share file icon which you are meant to click on. It is usually the animation of a film strip and music note. Thereafter, the program will prompt you to locate the media or document you want to send. The process is complete once your target recipient accepts to receive the media or file and the transfer begins.

To add a contact to your MSN messenger, you simply click on the add contact button, which is the animation of a bust with a plus sign on it. You then enter the email address of the contact you want to add and after clicking on the add button, a request is sent to the person for approval. To use an account on MSN messenger that is not a Hotmail email account involves accessing passport registration page and filling out the form. The password you submit should be a different one from your email's. This is the password that you will use to access the messenger. Thereafter, you log into your account with your old details and save the contacts. Thereafter, when using your new log in details, you will be able to use an account that is not MSN affiliated.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keep Your PC Healthy With Online Computer Support

Computer is a basic requirement nowadays and to meet pace with the modern lifestyle, your computer must be equipped with all the latest advancements and technology.

Computers are borne with few problems occasionally and at those moments online computer support helps you and everybody look for resources providing computer technical support.

Multiple reasons are there due to which popularity of remote computer support model has been increasing rapidly. The prior supportive reason is its reasonable and much cheaper on-site tech support, which saves travel time and cost of fuel as for even minor issues you need to take your computer or laptop to the repair center.

Online support is available 24×7 and all through the year, just required to dial the number of the service provider. And to avail online PC support it is required to pay very small amount for enjoying state of the art diagnostic and troubleshoot service for hassle-free computing.

The support works efficiently for all issues either software or hardware. You require computer to carry normal tasks like browsing the internet, checking your email, using Microsoft office and similar tasks, you just need to ensure that your computer remains updated on the software front. Updating and installing relevant software on your computer will benefit you significantly.

The supports services ensure not only the protection of equipments but also create a back up for your data, and protect your network from cyber crimes such as hacking, e-mail bombing, unauthorized access and virus attacks.

Online computer support services are the most preferred alternative of millions of customers. They assist in fixing all the problems pertaining to your computer at the software end. The most attractive part is its availability which is throughout the day, 365 days an year at relatively cheaper payments.

Online services provide you with every kind of computer services like computer and laptop repair, PC maintenance, networking solutions, and several other IT enabled services. Online services are exclusively advantageous for small businesses which cannot afford to hire a full fledged IT department.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Microsoft X-Box 360 Troubleshooting Tips

Microsoft created one of the most popular gaming consoles in the X-Box 360, however, it does come with many faults and negative reviews. Since its popular debut several years back, it has been plagued with overheating problems and three red light problem called "Red Ring of Death." For X-Box 360 gamers, these problems are rampant and I've listed some of the troubleshooting tips that have been helpful to gamers to deal with these problems.

Troubleshooting Flashing Three Red Lights

This is the most common problem that xBox 360 gamers face while using their game consoles. It is commonly called "red ring of death" among gamers and when these lights appear, it means that the game console is in some kind of trouble. Generally, it is caused by excessive heating and the internal parts may have been damaged due to this heat. Troubleshooting for three red lights may be difficult without finding the exact problem, however, one of the ways to deal with the overheating of game console is to prevent it from overheating in the first place.

Troubleshooting Overheating and Crashing Problems

xBox 360 is a powerful gaming system that requires huge amounts of processing power, consequently, it generates huge amount of heat, which in turn, slow down the system or shut down completely.

Troubleshooting for excessive heating can be easily dealt with, with a small, but effective cooling unit called Niko Intercooler. Intercooler is an add-on unit that has series of 3 cooling fans that snaps on to the back of the game console and keeps it cool while playing the game. Niko Intercooler is available in most of the popular retail chains that sell consumer electronics for about $15~$20. Installing Intercooler may prevent your system from overheating and crashing in the first place. You can also purchase Niko Intercooler online at

Another way to keep your xBox 360 from overheating is to keep the game console in an open area. This will give the built-in ventilation system on the game console to work properly. Instead of putting game console in a tight corner underneath the table, keep it on top of the table or even on a shelf near a window.

Another neat trick I learned from other gamers is set the xBox 360 system in a horizontal position. Doing this will prevent the air vents at the bottom of the unit to be free from being blocked. And since most of the xBox 360 red light problems revolve around overheating, this little trick will expose the built-in air vents to function properly as they were meant to be at their peak.

Troubleshooting Other xBox 360 Problems

Sometimes you get flashing red lights when your system is cool usually means your power cable is loose somewhere. Check the cables attacked to your game console and the power unit and make sure that it is plugged in tightly. The loose cable can sometimes warn you with flashing lights. When you do check for cable, make sure the power is turned off before you do anything with the main power cable.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microsoft Help - Live Support

Microsoft, a software giant, which develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices. It has launched a series of operating systems, which includes Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and others. Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, and others are the Office suites released by the software giant.

Microsoft help is available from its support website on all its products. While working with its products, if you face any sort of issue you can visit its support website. You will get help on many topics from its support website related to its products. A brief description of Microsoft help is as follows:

Microsoft Help Topics:

Microsoft help is available on all its operating systems, whether Windows 7 or Vista. If you are working with Windows 7, you can get help on many topics like how to get benefitted with its features, keyboard shortcuts, and many more. In case you want to migrate to Windows 7, you can receive a lot of information about how to install Windows 7, what are its minimum system requirements, which edition is best suited for you, and others.

While working with Windows Vista, you can receive help on many topics, such as how to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, how to share a printer on Windows 7, Vista and XP network, how to enable hibernation mode, how to connect to a wireless network, how to optimize Windows Vista performance, and others.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Reliable Are Third-Party Online Technical Support Services ?

There has been a persistent decline in the support level of PC manufacturers for their products. The reason could be anything from the growing focus on new products, changed strategy, and to the availability of third-party services providers who are willing to make money by taking up the pending task of even big companies such as Sony, Apply, Lenovo, and Microsoft among others.

These 3rd party service providers offer on-site and off-site technical support services for users across the world. Essentially, we are concerned about the offsite (online) tech companies that offer remote technical support services at the cost lower than the manufacturer or publisher of your hardware and software applications etc.

There are several online technical support services out there in the world that stay ready to help out users of their problems just at the comfort of their home. It is always good to have a tech expert by your side for 24x7, 365-days-a-year for instant take care of your technical needs.

Online technical support services have given users the freedom from lugging their PCs, printer, routers etc. to a local repair shop and getting it fixed there. This would otherwise not only consume time and money but also lead to loss of work and ultimately money.

You can connect to an online technician via toll-free phone service or online chat for anytime, anywhere resolution. So whether you are home or at office, simply dial their phone number or get online to chat with them to fix whatever problem you face with your PC, laptop, router, modem, printer, scanner etc.

So far, we have just talked about their ease of availability. But, what about the reliability factor? Are these online technical support companies reliable enough to be given remote access to your computer, or banking/credit card details? This is indeed a billion dollar question as I had to put in thorough amount of research, investigation to find out if these companies can be trusted for.

Of course, there are legitimate companies that have established business and sufficient resources to serve customers. However, there are fraud companies also that only have one motive, and that is to make money by cheating upon innocent customers. Often, customers unaware of certain things fall prey to such fraudsters and bear severe financial, personal, confidential losses.

Choose or Loose

You need to keep certain things in your mind before making any decision to associate with a company for incident-based or yearly plans. You can save yourself from confidential, financial loss just by choosing the right company

o Ask for the company's full address, location, and existence in business etc.

o Check the company's website for the detailed information, check if it looks legitimate or a fake one with content written in poor grammar

o Read independent customer reviews for the company

o Compare the prices with your hardware/software manufacturer or publisher

o Ensure that you are not being charged for a free software version

o Check the mode of payment, insist for PayPal or other secured MOPs

o Verify that the invoice is being drawn on the company's name and not on some individual's. It is really important as you might be asked to make payment to an individual's account

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Online Technical Support - How to Choose the Right One

We know how bigger and grown up the computer world is that almost every person in the world uses computer to perform daily tasks, download & play music wirelessly, play games, send/receive emails, or simply browse the internet among other things. Business organizations, whether small or large, can't even think about operating without having multiple computers running at a time. Since computer is just a machine, it carries the natural risk of being crashed, dysfunctional, or infected with everyday growing virus threats.

Owing to the larger use of computers, the technical problems erupt frequently and require immediate attention and treatment without which you could loss vital data, contact lists, or financial information etc.

What Does Online technical Support Mean?

Online technical support is simply a type of web-based service provided by third-party companies to fix users' computer problems via toll-free phone service or online. Companies like Dell, Microsoft, or HP etc. also provide online technical support option for their customers. So online technical support actually provides you the comfort of sitting at home or office and has the problem resolved without any hassles. Thus it eliminates the need of lugging the PC to a local repair shop and wait for days to get it back up and running. Simple, easy, hassle-free what you may call online technical support.

The online technical support experts connect with your PC through Remote Desktop and resolve any issue related to slow speed, virus, malware, emails, internet connectivity, wireless, or printer among other things. Available round-the-clock, these technicians resolve your technical problems without giving you a run around. That means you won't be interrupted a bit while having a cup of coffee or playing around with your kid. The catch is that the technician takes no more than 15-20 minutes of your precious time. What about the money? This must be your next question. The online technical service providers offer yearly subscription plans at the lowest possible prices. Their support plans may or may not be lower than the actual software/hardware companies.

Be Aware of Certain Things

After having done a lot of research, we have come to tell you that though there are a number of online technical support companies out there in the market, their level and quality of service differ from each other majorly. There are fraudulent companies also whose sole purpose is to create fraud websites, make false claims such as award-winning support; and rob people of their money. Though such companies don't stand a chance to run in the longer time, but what about the time and money that you have wasted already in the search of right online technical support? It can't be claimed back because you subscribed to the plans and agreed to their terms and conditions without doing a little research and giving it a single thought. Your experience with online technical support can leave you with bitter memories and always up against all the online technical support companies. Though this can happen to anyone, anytime, you should be quite careful while opting for such services.

Mode of Payment

This is the first and foremost thing that one should keep in mind before buying any services of online technical support companies. If a company has PayPal as one of its mode of payment options, then it certainly holds well on legitimacy, authenticity, and goodwill also. Why PayPal? Because it guarantees that you get your money back and can lodge a complaint against the fraudulent company. How is it possible? PayPal actually declines the money transaction to the fraudulent company without giving a single thought. So you are totally safe and secured in terms of money.
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