Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iYogi Announces Launch of Monitoring and Performance Tool For SMBs.

iYogi – a leading provider of technical support services with horizons in the US, UK, Canada and Australia – today announced the launch of its exclusive server monitoring tools for small businesses. The new product offers integrated technology solutions to surmount the users’ unique IT support requirements thereby enabling them to derive and share information, data, enable network performance analysis, and security trends critical to plan and mana ge their set of servers – 24x7.

Uday Challu, iYogi’s CEO commented, “Holding a significant niche for itself in the computer support industry, iYogi has always known to be on the forefront of adapting breakthrough technology to exceed customer service expectations. This time we have developed a tool offering value-add functionality which will help small business customers maximize the business outcomes of IT.”

iYogi’s monitoring tool provides real time observation and monitoring solutions to ensure more robust and reliable IT support and infrastructure for small buinesses. Small Business owners also get a comprehensive assesment of their IT environment to meet technology needs with the scalability for future growth and create preventative measures based on quick analysis of network device alerts, pre-failure indicators, performance benchmark and security issues.

The new Monitoring and performance tool will provide small business with the opportunity to test all technical and non-technical aspects of their servers and help them to strengthen overall IT infrastructure. The array of services will include: Patch Management, Security Auditing, Site Inventory, Real Time Alerting Script Based Management, and Rights Management Services for all critical server issues.

“Irrespective of the business being small or large, when the consumer chooses iYogi, he leverages the potential of an elite taskforce of Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Cisco Certified Network Associates, ready to service their critical assets, using the most advanced network asset tracking and Performance monitoring”, adds Challu.

Another factor where the Company aims to distinguish itself from its competitors is product pricing. Embracing the concept of service quality, iYogi offers competitively priced technical support services at no-haggle, low prices.

As for its small business support, the Company has integrated its exclusive Monitoring and Alerting Services under one price umbrella of just $480 annually. per server i.e. $49.99 per month. The price is certainly hard to find anywhere else.

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Contact Details:
Company Name: iYogi Technical Services Pvt Ltd
Address: iYogi Inc.
12 Desbrosses Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Toll Free no:1-800-237-3901
Work Number: 1-212-229-0901
Fax Number: 1-888-867-2715

Monday, August 18, 2008

Disabling Visual Effects

Many of the new visual effects that are available in Windows XP can slow the perceived
performance of a computer by making dialog boxes, windows, and menus take
longer to open and work with. By default, Windows enables visual effects based on the
capabilities of a computer, but you can enable or disable specific visual effects to strike
your own balance between performance and appearance.

Microsoft Windows XP provides quick access for enabling and disabling visual effects. From the
Start menu, right-click My Computer and then choose Properties. In the System Properties
dialog box, on the Advanced tab, click Settings in the Performance section to open the Performance Options dialog box.

You can choose from the four options for visual effects:
■ Let Windows Choose What’s Best For My Computer
■ Adjust For Best Appearance, which enables all the effects
■ Adjust For Best Performance, which disables all the effects
■ Custom, which allows you enable and disable the effects yourself
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Turning Off Fast User Switching In Windows Xp

Fast User Switching in Windows XP allows users to switch between different user
accounts without logging off. Each user can even have his own applications running
while another user uses the computer. Although this feature presents obvious advantages,
it also comes with an equally obvious disadvantage. The more applications that
your computer runs at the same time, the slower the computer will perform, regardless
of whether those applications are run by one or multiple users. If users frequently have
problems with other users leaving applications running, and if this situation tends to
slow down the computer, suggest that users turn off the Fast User Switching feature.
You can learn more about Fast User Switching in Chapter 3, “Supporting Local Users
and Groups.”
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