Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Problems

Many times we face some problems like how internet performs well, speed, Connectivity and other computer problems and solution can be resolved by customizing the Standard toolbar, changing what is.

Selected in the View menu, or personalizing the Advanced settings in the Internet

Options dialog box.

Missing Toolbar, Links Bar, or Status Bar

A common complaint from end users is that an Internet Explorer toolbar is missing, or

a toolbar that they used to have is not available anymore. The toolbars that you can

configure include the Standard toolbar, the Address bar, and the Links bar. Users might

also complain that they cannot see the information at the bottom of the screen that

shows which security zone they are in, denoting a missing Status bar. You can add and

remove these toolbars by using the View menu; and you can customize the placement

of the Standard toolbar, Address bar, and Links bar by dragging and dropping.

To show or hide any of the toolbars, follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer, and from the View menu, point to Toolbars.

2. The Toolbars list contains Standard Buttons, Address Bar, Links, Lock The Toolbars,

and Customize selection. Toolbars marked with a check are showing; toolbars

without a check do not show. To select or clear a toolbar, select it from the list.

To customize the placement of the Standard toolbar, Address bar, or Links bar, follow

these steps:

1. In Internet Explorer, make sure that the toolbars are unlocked by going to the

View menu, pointing at Toolbars, and ensuring that the Lock The Toolbars command

does not have a check next to it. If it does, choose the command to toggle

it off.

2. Position the pointer at the far left of the toolbar you want to move.

3. Click and hold the mouse button; the pointer will change to a four-headed arrow.

4. Drag the toolbar to a new position to combine it with an existing toolbar or to

move its position onscreen.

5. Position the pointer on the light dotted lines that separate combined toolbars until

the pointer becomes a two-headed arrow. Drag to resize the toolbar.

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